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Practicing with Reactivity (Portland, OR)

Is this for you?
You have taken a class series with me or another NVC trainer before and have been practicing Compassionate Communication (NVC).  From your practice you know that reactivity interferes with your ability to access the skills you have been practicing.  You recognize that turning towards these reactive patterns requires vulnerability and learning to be present with uncomfortable feelings.  You trust that the group structure I offer and your own resources will allow you to do some of this difficult work in our eight week series.

What's it all about?
In this eight week class you will have the opportunity to work with common forms of reactivity you find in yourself and others. You will practice identifying the needs underneath reactivity. You will also have the opportunity to learn and practice requests and/or strategies to meet those needs and begin to dissolve the associated reactive patterns.  This course incorporates principles, exercises, and content from Hakomi (also known as body-centered therapy) along with the consciousness, skills, and framework of Compassionate Communication.  The focus is on both healing and skill building.

Each week you will get to study and practice with reactivity as it shows up around a particular core need.  You will study the reactive pattern through physical embodiment of that pattern and through experiential exercises that highlight how that pattern functions in a specific context.  

You will then cultivate a compassionate relationship to these reactive patterns through self-empathy, honest expression, empathy, and healing responses.  At any time you can apply what we learn and practice to loved ones in your life. For example, you might want to consider how you can offer support in a way that your partner, parent, child, etc., can receive more easily.

What to expect?
You will work in pairs and small groups in structured experiential exercises.  Exercises can be modifed to give you more or less challenge depending on your learning edge.  Many of the students may know each other and know me from previous courses.  Everyone will have had at least an introduction to Compassionate Communication.

While we may do some role plays and communication practice, the majority of this course is focused on you and your healing journey with reactivity.

The course includes an extensive handout and you will be asked to read a section of your handout before each class.  It's important to have your handout with you for every class.

You will be exposed to concepts and experiential exercises that you have not likely encountered anywhere else.  You will have a chance to read over concepts and exercises before class.

This class tends to fill quickly and is limited to about 20 participants.

Need more information before deciding whether or not to join?  Give me a call (503-544-7583) or send me an email with your questions or concerns.


7pm - 9pm, eight consecutive Tuesdays beginning September 12, 2017
Friends Meeting House
4312 SE Stark, Portland OR 97215
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$250.00   Register Online
The pre-requisites for this course are that you have taken a course series or weekend workshop with me or another trainer before, and have an active NVC and/or meditation practice.

CANCELLATION POLICY:  to meet needs for inclusion, security, and predictability refunds are only given if requested 72 hours before the start of the course, so please discern carefully.