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Expressing the Bodhisattva Vow through Skillful Relating: An Introduction to Compassionate Communication

Is this for you?

You have a vow to help others become liberated from suffering, but the day to day of navigating your way through relationships can be challenging.  Finding the words to say what’s essential can be difficult. You would like to express yourself in a way that truly helps others while remaining in integrity with your values.

What's it about?

Communication can be one of the most satisfying aspects of relationships when it enables honesty, understanding, creation of community, and serves life. The course topics will help us understand and improve our communication with others. Topics include: causes of misunderstandings, self-empathy, honest expression, empathy, and managing forms of reactivity such as anger, guilt, shame, and depression.
Compassionate Communication skills to build trust, meet conflict, embrace differences, and express empathy will be introduced and developed. 

What to expect?

This class series is experientially focused.  Skills practice will include vulnerable engagement and self-examination using examples chosen from your own life.  You will work with the instructor, in small groups, and in pairs.  Class size ranges from about 10-15.

Given that we are in a Buddhist context, we will talk about the relationship between Compassionate Communication and Buddhist concepts and practices like meditation, mindfulness, eithics, etc.


Thursdays, 4pm - 6pm, for eight sessions beginning August 31 - October 19, 2017
Maitripa College
1119 SE Market St., Portland OR 97214
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Registration is through Maitripa College here: