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Trainings for Organizations

As an organization you value an atmosphere of respect, honesty, and fair consideration of the needs of your members.  You want your members to have the skills to connect easily with each other and who they serve, as well as the skills to work successfully through conflict.  You might have noticed that it's much easier to train the members of your organization in the concrete skills of daily operations, than to address difficult interactions among them and the people they serve.  The truth is, not many have seen modeled or had the opportunity to learn communication skills at the subtle levels needed to build healthy community.

Adopting a shared framework and set of skills for creating harmony and meeting conflict skillfully is an essential part of building a whole healthy community.  By providing your organization with training in Compassionate Communication (NVC), you are strengthening honesty, self-responsibility, thoughtfulness, and respect for differences.  Members of your organization will gain confidence in approaching conflict before it escalates and working toward resolution in skillful ways. 

An easy way to start with your organization is a two hour introduction.  In a two hour introduction, participants will have an opportunity to learn the framework of NVC and practice the skills with examples relevant to your organization.  This gives people an experience of the work and basic skills to begin practicing with others in the organization.  People also walk away with hope about a new way forward through stuck conflicts and a willingness to approach them differently.

After an introductory training and time to practice what they have learned, people realize both the value of NVC and how difficult it can be to make a shift to this perspective and way of approaching communication.  When this comes up, a weekend training or a series of weekly trainings is a good next step.  Another viable alternative is to send one member of your organization, who seems to have absorbed NVC most easily and who is also enthusiastic about learning more, to a series of NVC trainings.  Because NVC is a radicallly honest, collaborative, and self-responsible approach to communication, it requires an investment of energy and attention to become a part your organization.

As a part of considering a NVC training for your organization, you may want to speak with other groups who have committed to trainings in NVC.  Here is a list of a few groups for whom I have offered trainings:

Zen Community of Oregon:
Jesuit Volunteers Corps Northwest:
Mission Peak Unitarian Universalists Congregation:
Mid-Columbia Unitarians:
Dharma Rain Zen Center:
The Dougy Center:
Maitripa College:
Center for Compassionate Living:
Portland State University - Conflict Resolution Department:
Sravasti Abbey

If you are new to Compassionate Communication, I have highlighted a few articles for you that may help you to get a sense of this work and how I teach it.

You might also enjoy reviewing my audio and video recordings here:

You can find other introductions to NVC on the national website:


Weekend Workshops outside of Portland, OR:
  • A weekend workshop includes Friday evening, Saturday all day, and Sunday half day 
  • The fee is $3,000 plus travel and lodging
One Day Workshop (4-8 hours)
  • Paid travel if outside of Portland
  • $1050 a day
Introduction of two hours or less
  • $250

If you would like to talk about a training for your organization, send an email to