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One Need

Recognizing yourself as divine essence manifesting in a physical body, you likely find your awareness swinging back and forth between what seems like two worlds. In Buddhism we call these "two worlds" the relative and the absolute. Attending to the relative, you respond to the constant changes in the physical realm. Attending to the absolute you respond to the deep knowing that you come from something changeless and timeless. You get glimmers, intuitions, moments of lucidity when you perceive yourself in unity with all that is.

As you engage in the practices of Compassionate Communication and mindfulness, you begin to bring together the relative and the absolute. I offer for your consideration that the One Need that gives birth to all other needs* is the need to experience and perceive the Divine Essence in your everyday existence. And that connection to life is found in meeting the present moment with your total awareness - letting go of ideas about could be, should be, shouldn't be, could have been; letting go of questions about doing it right/wrong, enough, not enough, appropriate/inappropriate. When you catch those reactivity before it catches you, you are free to enjoy your life.

I spent the last five days with family in Colorado. I was blessed with warm weather and sunshine. The days were relatively slow and calm. Against this backdrop the workings of my mind stood out in sharp contrast. I saw clearly that whenever my mind wandered from what was right in front of me; desire, fear, and doubt arose and brought suffering. You move away from that which you seek when attention strays from the present. It is in full acceptance and mindfulness of relative world experience in the present moment that the illumination of Divine Essence shines through.

This week choose one everyday task as an opportunity to absorb yourself in the experience of it. For example, if you choose washing the dishes, give your attention to the temperature of the water, the texture of the dishes as they pass through your hands, the sensations of the muscles in your arms as you scrub. Give yourself the gift of freedom from the thoughts that bind you and the aliveness of your experience in the moment.


*click here for a list of feelings and universal needs

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