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A Volume Knob for Needs

A student recently asked, "Is there any way you can make yourself have less of certain needs?"  He indicated that in pursuing certain objectives it would be convenient to need less in other areas.

Of course, this is what many people attempt to do – meet certain needs at the cost of others.  Over time the results are depression, addiction, heart disease (literally denying one's heart), etc.

There is no volume knob for needs.  You're human.  You got'em.  And you and I have the same level of every need, it's just that our relationship to those needs varies.  The more confident your relationship  to a particular need is, the easier it is to meet that need.  Then more tenuous your relationship to a need the more difficulty you have receiving for that need or trusting that it is met.

It is this awareness of needs and how they are met that makes life easier, not the denial of them. As your awareness of needs becomes more subtle, the action you take to meet them becomes more simple.  

Physical nourishment is an obvious example.  Over the past two years, with the help of a specialist, I have learned all the subtle ways my body tells me that it benefits or suffers from what I take in.  Symptoms that appeared random to me before now have a specific meaning.  With this subtle understanding and attention to my bodily needs, other needs such as a sense of well-being, aliveness, comfort, and serenity also begin to be met.  This gives rise to greater ease and simplicity in meeting still other needs.  It seems to be an exponential continuum of thriving.

Take a moment now to look over the needs list.  Are there any needs for which you wish you could "turn down the volume"? Of these pick one you would like to begin to welcome more into your heart.  Choose a small action you could take just to begin to meet that need today.

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