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Private Consultation

Is this for you?
Private consultations are offered for you or you and a significant other that have already or are currently taking a two hour introduction, a multi-week class series or full weekend workshop with me.  Specifically, to benefit from this work, you value mindfulness, self-responsibility, shared vulnerability, learning, and transformation.

What's it all about?
Private consultations are not meant to be therapy but rather a subtle form of mentoring with regards to relationship skills.  As such they are best utilized as a supplement to individual or couples therapy. 

Private consultation is meant to focus on learning and applying the skills of Mindful Compassionate Dialogue (MCD). The goal of MCD is to empower you to create the change you want in relationship with yourself and others.  This work naturally supports you in creating a secure bond with a partner or significant other, while at the same time promoting healthy differentiation.   

MCD helps you cultivate a compassionate relationship to self and a confident relationship to needs that helps with staying grounded through reactivity and setting clear boundaries.  Through this work you will be able to see unsupportive relationship dynamics using a practical framework and learn a set of skills that enables you to make immediate changes.

In a typical session you will work mindfully through the five elements of MCD (observation, thoughts, feelings, needs, requests) and practice empathy, honest expression, and self-empathy with regard to present moment communication and relating.  You will make use of the feelings and needs list and pause as needed to help you become more embodied in your experience through guided mindfulness.  You will be able to name what gets in the way of connecting communication and what would support you in working with those obstacles.

Private consultation can also offer Buddhist spiritual direction and guidance with meditation practice.  

At the end of each consultation you will be given specific practices to do on your own so that our work together becomes an integrated part of your life.

How to set up a session:
Please use email (, to schedule a session or set up a 15 minute free consultation call to talk more about whether private consultation is right for you.

Sessions can be done in person in my office on available Saturdays, by phone, or through video conferencing.  I use Zoom for video conferencing*.

Consultations are $130 for 60 minute sessions.   I don't bill for insurance, but do provide receipts upon request.  I accept checks, cash, and paypal (PayPal.Me/LaShelleLoweCharde).

GBLTQ Friendly

Office hours are Saturdays 9:00 to 5:00pm.  Appointments by phone or video conferencing can be made Tuesday through Saturday.

1804 NE 45th, Portland, OR
Come to the 2nd floor waiting room.
(My name is not on the building)

*Video Conferencing Sessions are conducted using Zoom (you can download the app for free on your or simply click the meeting invite and it will download for you).  Audio recordings for zoom sessions are provided upon request.   All recordings are deleted after one week. 

Zoom minimum speed requirements are:  600kbps/1.2Mbps (up/down) for HQ video. For gallery view: 1.5Mbps/1.5Mbps (up/down).  You can find free sites on the internet that will measure your speeds.  It is recommended that you don't use your internet provider for this measurement.  Router settings may impact speeds and can often be adjusted to increase speed.

For more technical information about zoom, you can go here: