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Compassionate Communication Workbook for Couples

Compassionate Communication Workbook for Couples

I’m guessing you’d like some relief from the communication mishaps that happen in your partnership.

You might have tried various approaches to working things out – compromising, avoiding, defending yourself, offering advice, demanding a change, or just agreeing to avoid an argument.

These approaches miss the essential ingredients of true collaboration.  For true collaboration you need a way to take care of yourself honestly and directly while at the same time considering your partner. You also a subtle understanding of each other's needs and then how to make concrete and do-able requests based on those needs.

What will you get from working through this workbook together?

  1. Awareness of what keeps the disconnected patterns going

    When you start to see how your usual way of responding contributes to negative spirals, it’s easier to stop doing what doesn’t work.

  2. A Shift in perspective and understanding

    When you realize that at a deeper level, that everything your partner says and does is an expression of his or her needs, life becomes much easier. Integrating the concept of universal human needs, you see the motivation behind your own actions and those of others. This gives you a place to start in accessing compassion.

  3. Skills that help you create the understanding and respect you want in your relationships.

    When you realize how often you rely on assumptions, blame, judgments, analyses, and vague requests or even demands to work through relationships, it’s easy to see how and why they don’t serve you.

    When you learn to say what happened without your interpretation of it, own your feelings as coming from your needs, and indicate what specific do-able action would help meet those needs, it’s easier for your partner to hear you and easier to get what you need.

The Compassionate Communication Workbook for Couples presents key elements of mindfulness practice and Nonviolent Communication in a simple straightforward format. I wrote it to help you find healing and understanding with yourself and your partner so you can create a deeply satisfying life.

What's inside?

  1. 17 exercises combining the consciousness and skills of mindfulness and Compassionate Communication.

    See the PDFs below - Tracking Your Jackals, Practicing Empathy, and Reflection: Preparing for Honest Expression.

  2. A simple and digest-able presentation of basic concepts in Compassionate Communication and mindfulness.

    See the PDFs below - Feelings vs Evaluations, Universal Needs

  3. An overview of Compassionate Communication with helpful reference handouts.

    See the Table of Contents PDF below.

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