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Self-Paced Courses

These courses include video files, audio files, and a workbook.  These are courses that were offered live and recorded.  You will be able to hear the questions and comments of participants who took the course live and see LaShelle on video.

Life Serving Boundaries

Setting boundaries isn't just about what you want to keep out.  It's about seeing a situation clearly and learning to decide what's truly nourishing for you in a particular context and being able to negotiate with others about that.  This class series is for anyone who would like to like to learn to use to set boundaries from a place of self-connection.

Self Empathy: Living from a Centered & Kind Place in Yourself

You might find it easier to be more compassionate with others than with yourself.  You can even name other's needs before identifying your own.  You would like to make peace with your inner critics and be able consider your own needs as much as do those of others.  This course is for anyone who would like to live from a centered and confident place.  

Transforming Reactivity I - An Eight Week Series (Self-Paced)

You value conscious compassionate relationships yet find yourself getting caught in your own reactive patterns and those of others. You want freedom and healing around past pain that comes up and gets projected onto the present.  You would like to unhook yourself and stand up for for what you value and need as well as be present for others. This course is for individuals. It's ideal to have someone take the course with you for discussion and practice.

Here's a little about how I approach reactivity: