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Are you feeling hopeless about getting stuck in the same old arguments and would like a way out?

It's painful to get caught in criticism, blame, and anger and leave a conversation feeling lost about how to get to understanding and resolution.

You can hold deep values about honesty and caring and still find yourself in a battlefield of words.

Living and speaking from authenticity and peace is possible, and doesn’t take years of therapy.

Just listening to LaShelle speak from an NVC consciousness, I can feel my brain cells being rearranged. It’s so important for me to live the values of compassion and honesty. LaShelle has helped me get to a whole new level of understanding about how I can be honest and come from compassion.
Holly Glaser
Compassionate Communication (also called Nonviolent Communication (NVC)) and Mindfulness practice provide clarity about why things don’t work and practical tools that naturally open the heart. Working from this new framework, relationships with yourself and others become easier and more fulfilling.

My name is LaShelle Lowe-Chardé. I have helped thousands of people gain the skills and understanding they need to create honest caring relationships with partners, family, friends, and co-workers.

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